The 2019-2020 Discovery Concert Series Schedule

Here is our current lineup.  We will announce the final concert soon.


September 14, 2019   Music:  The Universal Language.  Featuring piano music of Mexico, China, Japan, and Brazil. (Carolyn Rossé, organizer)


October 12, 2019   Blue Grass.  Ed Maggio and the Sunny Side Strings.  (John Boaz, organizer)


November 9, 2019   Taiko Drums.  An inter-generational taiko group from the Buddhist Temple of San Diego will perform.  (Mary Leitner, organizer)


January 11, 2020   India Dancers.  Vanitha Roa-Knudson. (Ulli Reiner, organizer)


February 8, 2020   Seiran SohnShe will play a piano solo and a piano trio with her two sons.  (Carolyn Rossé, organizer)


March 14, 2020   To be determined.


April 4, 2020   Spring into Spring:  The Poway Symphonette.  (Millie Boaz, organizer)


May 9, 2020  A Musical Petting Zoo:  The Giacoso Woodwind Quintet.  (Ulli Reiner, organizer)