An Update

Dear Friends Members,

I hope this note finds you and your families well. I wanted to update you regarding the status, as I know it, of the Rancho Bernardo Library and 2020 Friends activities. I have talked personally with Trish Jenkins, the RB Librarian, and she informed me of the following:

  • The library system is giving each library a Zoom account and asking that the libraries conduct business over Zoom for the foreseeable future. They have not received the accounts yet but she will let me know when that happens
  • They have cancelled all library programs through the end of October
  • Trish feels very certain that we will not have programs through the end of the year - It is not official yet but her feelings are not optimistic.
  • Trish is keeping up with new literature to make sure we have good offerings at the library.
  • Finally, the pick up system is working well for the library. Ranch Bernardo averages around 180 people per day picking up books. So the library is operating as best it can.

As far as the Friends goes, it looks like we have lost this year with no concerts or book sales. It will be difficult to recruit new members for a 2021 Board. The guidance I am reading from the other Friends chapters is that most are behaving as if this year is a wash out and requesting that their board members consider starting 2021 with the  board as it  is today. I am requesting that you consider staying in your current board position for 2021 by adding another year to your service to the Board. I believe the library will need our support even more as we start up programs again. I would value comments on whether this is the right direction; please use our Comments Form.

Currently we will need a new Secretary and Web master. If you are interested or have anyone who might be interested please let me know through the Comments Form.


Jeanne O'Connor-Greene
President FORBL