President's Message

Jeanne O'Connor-Greene 2020 President of the friends Jeanne O'Connor-Greene 2020 President of the friends FRBL

During 2019 the Friends of the RB Library board was challenged by the loss of two of our key board members. We suffered the loss of Dave Hall and Millie Boaz. They both were integral board members as well as cherished friends. We miss them.

We were very privileged to have had Judy Levine step back into her past role and take on completing the 2019 year as Acting President. Judy once again provided the outstanding leadership and dedication to the mission of the Friends. We can’t thank her enough for her continued influence and love of the library.

For the 2020 year I will be completing Dave Hall’s term as President. I have been on the board as Vice President of Development and have become very involved with the day-to-day tasks of the board. My goal is to continue the work of our all-volunteer organization, dedicated to providing our branch library with critical financial support, so that it can add value to the RB community.

We would like to welcome new board members:

Cathy Hoffman – Vice President Development
Linda Nugent – Membership Chair
Pat Peckham – Hospitality
Mary Ann Roberts – Concerts
Violet Walker – Book Shop Coordinator

Taking on a new role is:

Diane Heinz – Vice President Operations

Returning to serve additional terms are:

Elisabeth Koenig – Secretary
Maureen Hons – Treasurer
Judy Levine – Past President
Vickie Ihrig – Workroom Coordinator
Harvey Levine – Director-at-large
Bob & Kathy Luehring – Lending Library
Dick Luehring – Book Sales
Diane Harris – Newsletter
Seema Pateel – Publicity Coordinator
Ollie Smoot - Webmaster and Database Manager

While the benefits of volunteering are always evolving, there is one thing that will remain true: it changes lives. Our team believes that helping the library enhance or add programs for children and adults adds value to our community. If you are looking for a volunteer opportunity, then email us at We’ll be happy to find an opportunity that suits your interests and we look forward to hearing from you.